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Apartment Adriana - Trogir

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Trogir (Greek: Tragurion, Latin: Tragurium, Italian: Trau) is a city in the heart of Dalmatia, and Adriana apartment, located in the historic center of old town, which is known as the unavoidable destination of every traveler, is the perfect place for You.

The apartment is a house with traditionally decorated exterior and modern, luxurious interior capable of accommodating 5-6 people.

Situated in the "poetic" Pasika quarter, apartment is just a few steps from the city's promenade and coast, as well as the city’s famous restaurants rich with Mediterranean specialties.

Trogir is situated approximately 20 kilometer from the city of Split -cultural, economic and traffic center of Dalmatia. The airport, ferry port, and the A1 motorway are in close proximity which eases Your trip to any worldwide destination.

Adriana apartment consists of three floors of an area of 120 m2. The ground level holds a living room with kitchen and an enclosed patio (garden) with barbecue and shower.
On the first floor is rooming with a double and a single bed and a bathroom with shower and toilet.
In the attic is a room for two people, a Jacuzzi and a toilet.
The rooms are equipped with all European standards, with air conditioning, TV, WiFi.

...about Trogir

Historic city of Trogir emerged in a distant past on the flattened islet in he marshy strait between the mainland, slopes of the Krban mountain and island of Čiovo. Historical core is joined with its surrounding areas by the bridges. The uniqueness of Trogir is made evident through this topographical situation.

The continuity of urban life has been uninterrupted since the antique times. Trogir is a typical city of Mediterranean world, rich in history which can be easily read in this restricted space. The antique and medieval plan of streets and an ancient paving are still in use within its houses and palaces. Coat of arms of far gone noble families, richly made portals, inscriptions from the oldest periods still adorn medieval and renaissance fronts. So many signs from the past time attract the attention of not only experts and citizens but of a numerous visitors who come here all over the year to enjoy its atmosphere evoking memories of the past times.

But Trogir is also the city of today, where people live and work clinging to their cultural and historical tradition. The Kamerlengo fortress used to defend the city and monitor the port of Trogir while today it is the place where concerts, various cultural and artistic events and theatre plays are held. The labyrinth of the narrow medieval streets offers the feeling of everyday life of past times but also the charm and allure of life going on here, behind the gothic windows or in renaissance courtyards adorned with galleries and water-wells.

The renaissance main square has always been the centre of life of a city with Rector’s palace, today Palace of City Municipality, and the lodge that used to be a courtroom and today, just as the whole of the city, a perfect stage to various events. Finally, there stands the Cathedral of Saint Lawrence with the highly reputed medieval portal as well as the outstanding renaissance pieces; Baptistery and Orsini chapel. The belfry of the cathedral is the main vertical of Trogir and all the other belfries of other churches and monasteries follow its rhythm. Its uniqueness is in the harmony of different styles, like the whole city, rich in a historic and artistic stratigraphy.

Some monuments survive centuries but Trogir is lucky to have stayed authentic as a whole; it is the best preserved medieval settlement of the eastern Adriatic coast. Owing to its uniqueness and extremely valuable monuments Trogir entered UNESCO list of the World Heritage monuments in 1997.